Increase profitability with our Intelligent Solutions

Increase Your Business's Efficiency by Developing High-Tech Supported Software and Hardware

Technology Supported Solutions

C Sistem; increases the efficiency provides solutions of your business with developed high-tech hardware and software

  • We Make It Easy to Manage Your Business

    Keeping your satisfaction at the highest level; We have developed our smart universal business management software. Manage all your work easily

    We provide technology solution services and support to a wide range of organizations, from corporations, large corporations, local and national governments, small and medium-sized enterprises to new companies..

  • We Provide Appropriate Solutions to Budget and Business

    We provide innovative and high-quality solutions that meet your needs, expectations, timely and cost-effective.

    Years of experience, project management and business process knowledge make us able to understand your needs well and you are at the highest level of satisfaction with the solution we produce

  • We Improves The Efficiency of Your Business

    With the software we develop, we help you increase your productivity by making your critical business processes faster, cheaper and better

    We allow computers to do repetitive and does not require intelligence and innovation tasks, allowing you more time for complex tasks

  • We Deliver Intelligent Solutions

    With our integrated hardware and software we have developed specifically for you, we are able to solve your business problems intelligently and appropriately in accordance with your budget, contributing to the improvement of your business performance


C Sistem helps you improve your business revenue, reduce costs, identify customers, deliver better customer service and improve business intelligence by analyzing large data groups with high-tech software,

  • Big Data Analysis

    Large volumes of data are produced over diffused and different sources that are difficult to access and process. Most of the available tools are too technical and not produced for end users. These negativities make it very difficult and time consuming to get the answers you need to make a decision

    Our team is dedicated to processing your large volume data using the best technology and presenting the answers you want for ensure you are always ahead.

  • Know in Advance!

    Analyzing your large volume data with custom algorithms we have developed, allow you to predict the future choices of your customers with high accuracy,

    so you can offer customized campaigns to your customers, increase your loyalty to your business and grow your business


We provide professional services at international standards in the planning, designing, installation, activation, maintenance and operation of telecommunication and information technology projects

We undertake integrated projects for the large cities, campuses; installation, operating, for end-to-end fiber optic networks and obtaining permits from local authorities

About Us

Technology for Human; We believe that technology should make life easier and serve humanity ...

  • Management Team

    C System is a technology company established to provide professional solutions with engineers who have more than 15 years of experience.

    Telecommunications, Engineering, Planning, Assembly - Installation and Commissioning services of telecommunication infrastructures,

    Corporate ERP software solutions, management and consultancy services of Corporate Information Technologies,

    Developing Electronic and Embedded systems and providing solutions to automation and optimization of the works to the corporations in the field of Operational Efficiency.

Our Reference
  • Turkcell
  • STC
  • Turk Telekom
  • Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
  • bakcell
  • Vodafone
  • Tubitak
  • Ministry of Justice